• IFauxy

    ​Basically All Eyes On Me is a BATIM song but if u hate batim then dont read(but if you do then ok)

    ​Long, long, time ago, there was a little salandit

    Then a beautiful, powerful, Salazzle

    But he took the main spot! Punching me off

    Left me to wash away

    But honey, now I take as main...


    A overpowered salamander

    Sent from Wela

    Looks like this dragon's gonna have a pain

    Let's have some FUN

    I got lots to show, Overscaled Draco Knight

    Meet me at the PC

    To be the perfect Poke(mon)

    Some team beats must be done~

    You, made him tell me I was weak and not enough

    I couldn't improve

    You, got to choose the end of my day

    I was put away....


    But not anymore!

    Now I take the lead!

    I have the flames

    You can't put away!

    I am the queen!


    I am the queen!


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  • Greninja20shiny

    Partner pokemon

    January 18, 2018 by Greninja20shiny

    Soooo, I’ve been away in japan, and i didn’t bring my laptop, so I missed out on a lot i guess. Parodies??? THats so cool! But on to the blog post. I’m just curious, if you were in the pokemon world, who would your partner be? It doesn’t have to be a starter. It can be shiny as well

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  • PokeGeek11

    ​You would not believe your eyes,

    If 10 million Cutieflies

    lit up the world as I fell asleep

    Cause they fill the open air,

    and leave Fake Tears everywhere,

    ​You'd think me rude if I didn't catch them, just stare

    ​I'd like to make myself belive

    That Pokemon battles are big dreams,

    ​It's hard to say that I'd rather be asleep than awake,

    Because this world is just the best

    And I'd get a thousand hugs from ten thousand fairy bugs,

    ​As they tried to teach me how to battle

    A Quick Ball in front of me

    ​​Catching them carefully, ​​The battle is coming quickly (ly, ly)

    (Repeat from  "I'd like to make myself believe" to "Because this world...")

    ​I don't wanna do the last part, and this is relatively short, so hope you like it!

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  • Finnalca


    January 17, 2018 by Finnalca

    im trying and trying nd trying to find a mew..

    and i will trade a ev trained latios for a mew and if needed an special ev trained pokemon will be added...


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  • BurekBOy

    Hi, while I was doing Christmas event I cought Mew after Christmas I cought Entei, Pikipek and female Combee. What Im asking is for advice for EV training with these pokemon. Please respond in comments and tnx for everyone who responds. :D 

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  • The Blookster V2

    Welcome to a new series of blogposts about what happened to me in PBB or Roblox in general.

    So here's a story about when I ran into probably the stupidest scammer ever. He said that he met Ash Ketchum in Roblox and he needed to get Free Pokemon so he could challenge the Alola Reigon or whatever. It was obvious the Ash Ketchum account was just an Alt Account a kid and his friend set up and the account saying that he met Ash Ketchum was the kid's main account which he would transfer the Free Pokemon to. The way they left the game also made me cringe into my soul. The kid's main account (Which I'll call PabloDiablo87 for convienience) said that Ash Ketchum killed a bear outiside his house. (Which is highly unrealistic) Pablo also said that Ash…

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  • IkHeetSjoerd

    Help me

    January 17, 2018 by IkHeetSjoerd

    pokemon brick bronze is a awesome game but you need to pay robux for game passes ect.

    but the problem is:

    I can't get robux because in my country we pay with euro's and you need to pay with dollars for r$. can anyone help me out? idk a other way to get r$

    my ING is Ninja_Ster btw, and there is a giveaway coming soon!

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  • NovaStiiK

    8th gym update delayed,

    January 17, 2018 by NovaStiiK

    Hey, people.

    Looks like the 8th gym update got delayed, idk why..

    It was sheduled for last weekend, but those were full of rumors..

    Imma ask lando and let ya people know once i do..

    Until then, have fun!

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  • AdderMaster222

    Greetings Pokemon Brick Bronze players,

    I would like to talk about the Trade Resort scams that are happening everywhere you go. I am going to list down all the scams that I currently know

    Robux Scams

    People are claiming that you will receive robux if you give the specific pokemon to them, this is of course false and you should not listen to that user. Here is a couple tips that can assist you when you spot one of them ugly scammers

    1.If the scammer wants you to go first then immediately cancel.

    2.Just mute the scammer by using this command: /mute (the player’s username)


    Recently scammers have been hosting a “raffle” and they claim that you will win a prize if you give the best or the most rare pokemon, they will also claim that you WILL…

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  • PokeGeek11

    Attacker, another Parody

    January 17, 2018 by PokeGeek11


    First thing’ first, Imma beat all the gyms in the land,

    I’m riled up and ready for the battle that I had


    The battle that I had


    Second thing second, don’t you tell me I can’t be the best,

    I’m the one surfing, it’s almost always put me to the test,


    Put me to the test,


    I was training from a young age,

    Battling for the experience

    Did my battles for the few

    That battled me rattled me, ruined me, gave me

    Strength to give me power,

    Rock Climb to get there,

    Fly to soar higher,

    Building myself from one,


    You made me a, you made me an attacker, attacker


    You knocked me down, you helped me back, attacker, attacker,


    I let the dragons fly, and made them battle hard

    My passion, my drive, my battle…

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  • IFauxy

    First things first, I'ma say all the words screamed in my head

    I'm shot up and tired of the way that things have been(Oh-ooh!)

    The way that things have been(Oh-ooh!)

    Second things second, Don't tell me what you want me to be

    I'm the one with the fins, the master of the sea(Oh-ooh!)

    But hey, that's not me!(Oh-ooh!)

    I was broken at a young age

    Taking my soul up to the spookness

    Writing my stories for a few

    They looked at me, laughed at me, burst at me, nod at me

    Battling from the aching from the pain

    Take up my messages to the vein

    Speaking my words out from my brain

    Seeing the beauty of my-


    I made myself, made myself a reaper

    A reaper!


    You broke me down, I built myself, a reaper, a reaper


    Let the words out, Oh lead the route

    My luck, my …

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  • MewtooXD


    January 17, 2018 by MewtooXD



    How does the Professor get the 21 starters????

    Starter Pokémon / Type Image Evolving Level Evolved Form / Type Image Evolving Level Final Form / Type Image Kanto Starter Pokémon Bulbasaur Grass Poison  Bulbasaur XY Lv. 16 Ivysaur Grass Poison  Ivysaur XY Lv. 32 Venusaur Grass Poison  Venusaur-F XY Charmander Fire  Charmander XY Charmeleon Fire  Charmeleon XY Lv. 36 Charizard Fire Flying  Charizard XY Squirtle Water  Squirtle XY Wartortle Water  Wartortle XY Blastoise Water  Blastoise XY Johto Starter Pokémon Chikorita Grass  Chikorita XY Lv. 16 Bayleef Grass  Bayleef XY Lv. 32 Meganium Grass  Meganium-F XY Cyndaquil Fire  Cyndaquil XY Lv. 14 Quilava Fire  Quilava XY Lv. 36 Typhlosion Fire  Typhlosion XY Totodile Water  Totodile …

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  • Endebros

    I guess everybody's doing this now, so I thought that I could give it a try.

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  • Neilneil1001yt

    8th Gym Prep

    January 16, 2018 by Neilneil1001yt

    I'm prepping for the 8th gym.

    Most of you know that Lando said he would be releasing details for the 8th gym this weekend.There's a high chance that it might come out then so I'm prepping.Here is a list of the new Pokemon additions I am adding to my team:

    Flinch God

    Flinching is when you strike a Pokemon and it doesn't move that turn because it flinched.My strategy is to get Togekiss with Serene Grace and teach it Air Slash and give it a King's Rock.It will have a high chance of flinching the opposing Pokemon and I can use this to my advantage.Unless the opposing Pokemon has Steadfast,I'm going to be OK.I'm EV training it in Attack and Speed.

    Aura God

    Lucario is one of the versatile and good Pokemon.If the gym's going to be Poison type[which it…

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  • IAmEmilyTheCat

    Max Mega Lucario

    January 16, 2018 by IAmEmilyTheCat

    I have a Max Mega Lucario... this is her story (NOT REALLY)

    One day a little riolu was born, into an egg. She wiggled and wobbled in her egg. One day she wanted to be outside so much that she balled up a little fist and punched her way out! She had hatched! Everyone was happy that Riolu was born! She was brought outside, in Roria. She and her friends where put into the grass on Route 8.They were told that they must hide from the humans/cat that were trying to find them. But one day, a fun-loving girl named Emily - who was a cat - found her, and caught her in a pokeball. The pokeball was small, but cozey to live in. Emily showed her all of her pokemon, and then they started to train. They trained hard, and fast because the next gym was fast …

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  • Arcusu

    FanFiction Cancelled

    January 16, 2018 by Arcusu

    Sorry guys, II have cancelled my FanFiction. If you would like to know more details, leave me a comment.

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  • MovesLikeZaki

    Shiny Primarina is 5x31 Calm missing attack

    Shiny Chimchar is 4x31 1x30 Jolly 17 sp def (not EV trained)

    Shiny Gallade is 5x31 Adamant missing speed

    Shiny Sigilyph is 4x31 Calm, Pre-Destiny Knot, Very Rare

    HA Serperior is 3x31

    HA Growlithe is 4x31 neutral nature

    HA Greninja is 4x31 timis missing attack and 13 speed  (PVP)  (HA)

    Just view the pictures  (Box 1)  (Box 2)

    Just view the picures again

    All are 3x31 (apart from Phiones & Rotoms, 2 Rotoms are 2x31)…

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  • Andreiva13


    January 16, 2018 by Andreiva13

    Ok so i see that everyone puts music on their profile.

    Can you put any music or it has to be non copyright?

    Are there any limits?

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  • Parinwaris

    Something Jellicent!

    January 16, 2018 by Parinwaris

    Again, I'm supposed to review for my exams...but still...

    Something Jellicent

    (Parody for "Something Just Like This")

    I've been reading books of old, the legends and the myths.

    Aegislash and his sword, Happiny and his gifts.

    Scyther's in control, with Noibat in his fists.

    And I clearly don't see myself on the (Poké)dex list.

    But she said where you wanna go.

    How much you wanna pick.

    I'm not looking for somebody with some super potion gifts.

    Some superhero. Some Ninetales and Bliss(ey).

    Just something I U-turn to.

    Somebody I can miss.

    I want something, Jellicent.

    Doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo

    Doo-doo-doo, doo-doo

    Doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo

    Oh, I want something, Jellicent

    Doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo

    Doo-doo-doo, doo-doo

    Doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo

    Oh, I want something, Jellic…

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  • IFauxy

    Pikachu - Thunder(bolt)

    January 16, 2018 by IFauxy

    ​yay trends

    ​Just a young one, with a quick attack

    I got up tight, may not let loose

    I was dreamin', of the big things and, wanna leave my whole life behind

    Not a "yes sir!" Not a caught one.

    Fit the ears, fit the tail

    Take a seat in the wild life, take a strike up

    I was coming, to a thunder-

    ​Thunder! Thunder, thunder-bolting

    ​Bolt-bolt thunder! thunder

    ​Thunder, thunder, thunder-bolting

    Bolt-bolt thunder! thunder

    Thunder! Feel the thunder!

    Lightning, straight to the voltage

    Finish with a thunder(bolt)!

    (Thunder, thunder)

    Minun was laughin, in our battle

    While I was dreaming, to the maxes

    "Who do you think you are? Dreamin' 'bout being the master"

    Say I'm basic, say I'm easy

    I'm always ridin, in the poor seats

    Now I'm smiling, on the wide field

    You were knock…

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  • FluffyMermaid78

    Scams are always happening in the Trade Resort, but there’s is one scam I see almost every time I go to the Trade Resort that a lot of newer players fall for. If you are reading this, beware of this scam! I will explain how it works and how you can avoid it below.

    How The Scam Works:

    A player will say that whoever gives the best Pokémon of a certain category will get a certain prize. The scam can go several ways from here. The scammer sometimes does pick a winner, but gives them a cheap Pokémon like a Zigzagoon, Magikarp, or something. Another way is that they will take your Pokémon and not give anyone a prize at all. And whether you lose or not, they don’t give your Pokémon back.

    How To Avoid The Scam:

    To avoid the scam, don’t enter giveaways…

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  • Finnalca


    January 15, 2018 by Finnalca

    i want you guys to check out this link about what fandom thinks about pbb!!!

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  • IamBestDuck


    }} The Swamplands are a vast expanse of marshy land in western Roria. Connecting to Route 17, it drains water from the shore where it meets with the route, causing it to have marshy flats containing many and type Pokémon.


    |- |Item5%=Wide Lens}} |- |Item5%=Black Sludge}} |- |Item5%=Black Sludge}} |- |Item5%=Smoke Ball}} |- |EV=|Item5%=Quick Claw}} |- |Item5%=Poison Barb}} |-

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  • SilverStriker4


    January 15, 2018 by SilverStriker4

    just tell me if you have a weak, free ditto

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  • Parinwaris

    Bunnelby Song

    January 15, 2018 by Parinwaris

    This is a parody for "Bon Appétit", the yucky-est song on Earth. lol

    Bunnelby Song

    Songwriter : Parinwaris

    Cause it's all that you want boy.

    All stats you can have boy.

    Got it spread like Confuse Ray.

    Bunnel, Bunnelby, eat EVs.

    Use Bite for confusion.

    Fresh out Heat Rotom.

    Using the mouse kind of lovin'

    Bunnel, Bunnelby play PBB.

    Looks like you've been fainting.

    Look at those baby doll eyes.

    You could use some Gengar.

    But your levels ain't right.

    I'm a 5 badge owner in.

    You want what I'm training, boy.

    Let me take you.

    Under the Moonlight.

    We can have cloud nine.

    A table for moves...

    And it's ok.

    If you take your turn.

    Kill with your moves fine.

    I'm on turn to move...

    Cause it's all that you want boy.

    All stats you can have boy. 

    Got it spread like Confuse Ray. 


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  • Sarulu

    Since my latest release of "Let your COLORS SHINE" (now i feel like i'ma song writer now XD) I don't know if i should do more or maybe i should quit doing some joke / parody songs

    I was gonna do "Californiamons".. its about a group of gals stuck in a candy dimension and those group of gals are fiesty and furious about sneaky boys peeking through the bushes just to see the chicks at the candy gals

    (Characters:Audinara,Glory(MEH POKE),candy(lopunny),altirara,Swirl (Vanillish),Skylar(Driblim) )

    Every songs i would release has its own story

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  • Finnalca


    January 15, 2018 by Finnalca

    i want your guys opinion what is worth mew?

    is manaphy ev trained orth me what is or isnt worth mew...

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  • TheFloatingLugia

    Do i have to?

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  • MewtooXD

    It's Pokémon Brick Bronze

    With the Dan-t-d-m- flow

    Rival Jake's betrayed us

    Never done before

    Beat all the gyms yeah man

    then the eighth one is next

    Man I'm evolving all these Pokés

    Got the brand new e-vent

    And I met the Mythical too

    And I'm coming using Surf

    This is Pokémon Bronze, bro

    Who's the starter with you?

    And you know I kick them out

    If they ain't dem Pokémon

    Yeah, I'm talking about you

    Pidgey begging for attention

    Talking on The Blog too

    But you still hit the Gym last night

    It was the middle of the night and I got the screenshot to prove it

    And all the recordings too

    Don't make me tell them the truth

    And I just drop some Pokémon

    And they're trading like Manaphy

    Mitis is where I'm from

    We wreck'em like they're noobs

    We roasting with a Char-iz-ard


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  • Kicklic

    EPIC SHOP!!!!

    January 15, 2018 by Kicklic


    SHINY ampharos

    PINK rhydon

    SHINY vaporeon

    BLACK honedge

    Lv. 80 ash-greninja

    LV. 80 MEGA lucario - evd in atk, def, spd

    GREEN XMAS sceptile

    WHITE XMAS sceptile

    Lv. 71 charizard

    infinite charmanders

    timezone: PST

    I have the latest badge so I'm not really interested in pokemons u can catch in wild

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  • Dark1amethyst

    Last round Metagross,Tyranitar, and Garchomp were eliminated

    Pokemon  Place
    Charizard #1
    Pikachu #2
    Greninja #2
    Lucario #3
    Salamence #3 Read more >
  • GlaceonIsTheBestPokèmon

    So inspired by Carvanah, This is Frostlass( falling to shadow balls) By, Glaceon. Based of She wolf( Falling to pieces) By David Guetta Ft. Sia. 

    A Shot with the ghost,

    A past, Fro-o-zen

    Where do I start?

    Glalie, and sno-o-runt

    But what about her?

    Not a HA or shiny,

    But she is not forgotten


    You caught me, and used me a lot

    Hungry, for Poké beans be-be-beansss

    But I can't Compete with Chandalure with flamethro-o-ower 

    Why do you use her In the first fir fir ir place?

    Cause I'm falling to shadow balls (4xs).                                                                                                                     

    Did she outclass me?

    Was it that, I'm a ice ice type 

    I lay with the mews, alone it feals

    I thought I was Abandoned



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  • MewtooXD

    Our last story ended with a hard choice for our hero, MISTER _MEWTWO. Victini for elusive Torracat????

    Long story short. "MISTER _MEWTWO cancelled the trade."

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  • HelpingEevees

    Eevee Eggs

    January 14, 2018 by HelpingEevees

    Hello, I am going to be doing an eevee giveaway. I will also have a few fossils that i dont want..... It might take a while to breed all of the eggs so be patient. To enter




    Good luck


    Thanks Eevee!

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  • Arcusu

    My Struggle

    January 14, 2018 by Arcusu

    Well, I accidently traded my Priplup for an Eevee egg, so now I have brought some extra starter Pokemon: Piplup (again), Poppilo and Bulbasaur, all of which I am currently levelling up to level 40 to beat the Anthian Gym. On the bright side, I evolved the Eevee I got from the egg to a Flareon, who is also levelling up along-side those 3 starters. Also, I caught another Pikachu in Gale Forest, which has also jopined the level-up to 40 gang. All in all, it's going to be long and hard but eventually I hope that they can all be fighting the gym along-side my Serperior and Braixen!

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  • GED4002

    So I've encountered the question a few times before, asked by casual players.

    What does the 6 mean?

    I've seen a lot of pokemon with it but never once thought to experiment

    also im lazy

    So I'd appreciate a well backed up theory/answer to this mysterious number

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  • FluffyMermaid78

    My brother and I watched the Hoopa and the Clash of Ages movie, and I have a theory. Ya know all those Pokémon you have seen in your adventure but are not catchable? Like Groudon, Kyogre, Palkia, and Dialga? What if the come back to help you again? In the Hoopa movie, Hoopa Unbound and Hoopa Confined both summon legendary Pokémon to help them out. What if Hoopa summons the very Pokémon that have helped you before in order to help you again. And what if they aren’t the only ones who will help you? Whenever you go to a place to release a roaming legendary so you can find it in the wild, they always run away from you. But I don’t think that they are running away because they are scared of you. I think they sense Team Eclipse’s plan and are go…

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  • Sarulu

    Let your COLORS SHINE!

    January 14, 2018 by Sarulu

    Original: Sia -  Rainbow (MLP MOVIE)

    Movie Inspiration - I Choose you!

    Let your Colors SHINE

    I Know you,you’re a special one

    Some see crazy where I see Love

    You fall so low but shoot so higj

    Big dreamers shoot for an open sky

    So much life in those Open eyes

    So much depth,you look for the light

    but when your wounds open, you will cry

    You’ll cry out now and you’ll question why

    I can see your COLORS

    In your tears as they fallin’ down

    I can see your soul grow on!

    Through the pain as they hit the ground

    I can see your COLORS

    In your tears as the sun come out

    As the sun comes out

    I am here and I see your pain

    Through the storms,through the

    Clouds,the rain

    I’m telling you you cannot escape it

    You can do it,just feel it ASH

    I can see your COLORS

    In your tears as they fallin’ …

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  • Super29392

    With the new update just around the corner, I thought it best to show just what I though on the upcoming Cresent Island update and add my theroies, with resources told throughout media.

    First off, the 2 pictures uploaded by Lando at the beginning of the year. The first picture shows a pic of Hoopa Unbound. This make me believe that this could be Team Eclipse's hideout, as well as the spot where Hoopa may be buried. But as they don't have the key, they need you. One of their members has already found out about your key, and same as Professor Cypress. As the leader, the knows through speculation that you hold the key into the room. Coupled with the bottle they stole in Anthian City, they can relase Hoopa Unbound. But as we know from the Anime…

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  • Finnalca


    January 14, 2018 by Finnalca

    ok so i used a modified smogon set on my manaphy....

    and boy do i tell you


    whaT I DID WAS A Z-RAIN DANCE and then a tail glow them i surf swept and for grass types i ice beamed


    i created a god....

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  • Dark1amethyst

    Ask Incineroar

    January 14, 2018 by Dark1amethyst

    Hey I'm Roria, Dark's Starter

    He accidentally left his computer on and didn't log off when he went to eat dinner so I made a blog post!

    I had a little trouble typing since the keys kept melting but i figured it out

    You can ask me anything just no personal questions I might have to wait a while to answer since he rarely ever forgets to close his computer.

    Information Answer
    Gender Female
    Level 60
    Occupation Beating up whoever my Trainer wants me to

    Heres some of Dark's blog posts:



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  • Parinwaris

    Frying In The Club

    January 14, 2018 by Parinwaris

    I am supposed to go review for my exams, bruh, fine I'll just do another one.. :/

    This is also what I wrote a long time ago too, but I wrote it short though, and only changed a bit of the lyrics from the original one. This story is about a man(which is me again), Greninja, and Charizard, which decided to cook french fries in a club.

    • Note : Greg is my Greninja's name. Charchar is how I call my Charizard.

    Frying In The Club

    Songwriter: Parinwaris

    Parody for: Crying In The Club

    Greg thinks,

    that it'll die without fries.

    Ain't true, that's a lie that he told himself.

    Ain't true, that we'll eat the fries forever now.

    Ain't true, Ain't true, Ain't true.


    So put potatoes on Charchar tonight.

    Let it's flare cook them up like it's never been so high.

    Open up…

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  • Neilneil1001yt

    Previously I was talking about Domino's YouTube history and how he used to be a nice guy in YouTube,one who made guides to help players out.Then he turned to the Dark Side with Breeze.

    I agree with Weather Synchronize and MegaGyarados with the opinion of reporting Domino now.He has turned into a clickbaiter on YouTube.If some of you don't believe me,check out this trash:

    Weather Sycnhro says that the best way to do this is to report him,as "The only thing I can say and the only thing we can do: mash the Report button on his videos until his entire YouTube channel is finally taken down. Making him lose all subscribers at once is the biggest punishment to him."

    Therefore,we should start reporting him[i…

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  • UberOPMagikarp

    A while ago, I was trying to get a good IVed larvesta, bagon, and mimikyu. It took me a while to get the IVs I wanted, so as a result I have a good amount of those pokémon. I also traded quite a few of them, leaving me with 12 larvestas, 10 bagons, and 16 mimikyus. Now, I was re-organizing my boxes when I realized, "What am I going to do with these larvestas, bagons, and mimikyus?" And hit me, I can just give them all away. 

    The larvestas are timid, are at least 2x31 (Note: They may not be in the desired stats), and has no notable egg moves.

    The bagons are adamant, are at least 2x31, and has Dragon Dance.

    The mimikyus are jolly, are at least 3x31, and has no notable egg moves. 

    The more people vote for a certain pokémon when it's above it's thr…

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  • BlueGames8315

    I need help knowing how I should ev train my togepi.

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  • FluffyMermaid78

    I want to make another Roblox account in case for some reason something happens to my real account. However, are you allowed to have more than one Roblox account?

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  • Arcusu

    New Fanfiction

    January 13, 2018 by Arcusu

    ​​​Discussion closed due to all suggestion requirements met.

    Hey, guys! I'm starting a new fanfiction about a pokemon trainer's journey and I need some suggestions. I will talk about each suggestion I need in a paragraph each, however you need to know the list. When suggesting something please label which suggestion catergory it is for. For example, if you are sugggesting the starter city, add "3)" before hand, so I know exactly which catergory your suggestion is for. Always represent the categories with their own number, so on't just use "3)" for all of them. You are more than welcome to make a suggestion for more than one category, however please still make it clear which category you are suggesting for, once again. The ones that have bee…

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  • Parinwaris

    Edit : Thx so much every1 4 making this to the popular blog posts!! :) - Parinwaris

    I'm supposed to review for my exam. Guess I'll write a song with Greg(my Greninja).

    Thanks to Sarulu for giving me an idea when she posted a parody, she posted a "Carvanha" song, parody for "Havana" song. Go check it out!

    I already wrote this a long time ago, so I took this out immediately. The story. in the song is about a guy who got hard tests from his teacher all the time but got stronger and then passed the test, that's

    I'll use a female teacher for this song.

    Look What Is In The School

    Songwriter: Parinwaris

    Parody for: Look What You Made Me Do

    I don't like her little tests.

    Don't like my titled grades.

    The role she made me play

    In the school, no, I don't…

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  • PokeFreak117

    Ask Max

    January 13, 2018 by PokeFreak117

    I have seen a lot of people doing ask blogs, so i figured it would be cool to do an ask Max. you can ask him about just about anything (no trivia questions). maybe there was something in the story that you wanted explained, or just something you want to know about himself. so go ahead and ask away!

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  • Bots Family 21


    Telling u about my Birthday,which is on 24/01...

    Nah,Skip that thing,I will go straight,THE GIVEAWAY!

    This giveaway is Special as I will give anything that you all requested!

    (Expect for, Legends,Shinies,Good IV pokemon,Pokemon that need more than 1/2 EV training and I also do not have every pokemon you requested.Sorry for any inconveniece cause...)

    So come on!I am waiting for you!







    I will need Donation for my sister too,which she is a Fairy Type Trainer.




    Hope you be happy!

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