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Cheshma Town is the second town in Roria. This is where the player would find the professor's "friend" Linda and stay safe with her, as Professor Cypress instructed, but instead, she suddenly steals something valuable to the player and bolts off into the nearby Gale Forest... Before the player confronts Linda in the forest, the exit to Route 2 is blocked for roadworks.

Notable Places

Linda's House

After the player's in-game parents are kidnapped, Prof. Cypress instructs the player to find his friend Linda here, saying that player cannot miss her house with the blue roof. When the player enters the town through the gate, Linda is already seen waiting for the player, having received a call from Cypress. She brings the player into her house, which indeed has a blue roof and a Shadow Lugia artwork inside.

Linda shows her sympathy to the player and asks if the player has anything to remember them. The player then lets her examine the Bronze Brick necklace that the player's parents gave to him or her... but suddenly, Linda robs it and runs out of the house! Fortunately, Rival Jake arrives at the scene just when she flees to Gale Forest and immediately leads the player to surround her inside.

Squirtle Fountain

A fountain is built at the town centre with a statue of Squirtle on top. This fountain is constructed in memory of a deceased Squirtle, commissioned by a wealthy elderly couple.

Sawsbuck Coffee

Players can receive a free cup of Sawsbuck Coffee when they enter the Café and talk to the barista behind the counter for the first time. Sawsbuck Coffee — a held item only unique to this game, occasionally raises the Speed of Pokémon when held. However, players cannot buy additional cups of Sawsbuck Coffee here; instead, they can only purchase additional cups of it at the BP Shop in Colosseum Marketplace.


State Item Obtaining Location
Item Ball
Poké Ball
Poké BallJust after entering from Route 1, turn left and sneak behind the trees.
Sawsbuck Coffee
Sawsbuck CoffeeTalk to the barista behind the counter in Sawsbuck Coffee Shop.
Requires defeating Linda in Gale Forest
Item Ball
NuggetTurn right before entering the bridge for Route 2 and walk all the way. Sell it for 5000 dollars at the Poké Mart.
There was no change to the above items between any of the updates.


  • The name "Sawsbuck Coffee" is a pun on the real life café "Starbucks Coffee". Sawsbuck is also the name of an actual Pokémon.
  • The music in Cheshma Town was based on Vaniville Town, Kalos from the core series game Pokémon X and Y, until it was replaced by Kyle Allen Music's original composition.
  • A resident mentions how he used to own a Surf Shop and got hit by a tornado and tsunami at the same time. This refers to the Surf Central map on Stickmasterluke's Natural Disaster Survival, as well as the occasional "Double Disaster" rounds that occur in that game.
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