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Decca Beach is a small inlet to the south of Port Decca. It contains both the entrance to the Safari Zone and a small fish market. The player arrives here to meet Rival Tess and attempt to get a ride to Crescent Island, where both Team Eclipse HQ and the final Gym is located.

Notable Events

Tess Gets a Ride

When the player arrives, Rival Tess is waiting at the fish market. Tess informs the player that she has found a fisherman that is willing to take them to Crescent Island, since he goes near the island daily to obtain fish for an old couple's stand. When they meet the fisherman on the beach, he first states that he is out of fish for the day. After Tess explains the player's situation, the fisherman hesitantly agrees to go to Crescent Island. However, the boat can only fit two people. Tess declares a change of plan. Since the player has HM Surf, he or she can surf to Crescent Island on his or her own.

The fisherman suggests player and Tess to stock up on items and heal their party, which Tess already did. Tess then gets on the boat and departs with the fisherman onto Route 17. The scene zooms out to reveal that the player and Tess are being watched......

Notable Places

Fish Market

Fish Market

Decca Fish Market on the higher floor.

There are fish marketing stalls strewn on the higher floor, along with a dried seaweed stall. Although the player cannot buy any fish, several of the vendors talk about Crescent Karp, which is a specialty of the old couple's stand despite being a dangerous business. Competing vendors remark how difficult it is to sell their fish.

Safari Lodge

Main article: Roria Safari Zone

Safari Lodge

Safari Lodge is on the far end of Decca Beach.

Heading down the beach and proceeding to the far end, a big gatehouse known as Safari Lodge can be found. It is the entrance to Roria Safari Zone, which is a nature preserve area where Pokémon must be caught by approaching and using berries, rather than the conventional way of weakening them with another Pokémon. Several Pokémon are exclusive to the Safari Zone. It costs 500 dollars to enter with 20 Safari Balls.


Note: Rarity levels are estimations according to this scale and might be subject to changes due to different encounter assessment results, unless supported by official encounter rates, which are listed in red under the rarity level if known. If there are any Pokémon with low catch rates, the possibility to flee or requirement of gaining happiness to evolve, recommended Poké Balls for that Pokémon will be shown with the corresponding bag sprite under the Pokémon's name.

Pokémon Type Image Rarity Items EV Yield
Fishing Old Rod Old Rod Lv. 10
Tentacool XY
CommonPoison Barb1 Sp. Def
Finneon-M XY
Finneon-F XY
UncommonNone1 Speed
Fishing Good Rod Good Rod Lv. 20
Tentacool XY
CommonPoison Barb1 Sp. Def
Finneon-M XY
Finneon-F XY
UncommonNone1 Speed
Gyarados-M XY
Gyarados-F XY
RareNone2 Atk
Remoraid XY
Very Rare
None1 Sp. Atk
Water HM Water Surf Lv. 30-40
Tentacruel XY
CommonPoison Barb2 Sp. Def
Carvanha XY
UncommonDeep Sea Tooth1 Atk
Lumineon-M XY
Lumineon-F XY
RareNone2 Speed
Quick BallNet Ball
Mantine XY
Very Rare
None2 Sp. Def
Click on the Pokémon names to check their learnsets on Bulbapedia. All Pokémon follow their movesets in Pokémon Sun and Moon. Hover on the item sprites to check the exact chance of being held by the Wild Pokémon. All information above only applies to the Normal Adventure Mode.

Roaming Pokémon are not listed in the table above. They are fixed at Lv. 40 and have a 0.1% chance of appearing anywhere in Roria with wild encounter methods specified here.


Image Pokémon Type Level Ability Item EXP EV Yield
Trainer: Beach Bum Joe Poké BallPoké BallPoké Ball Reward: $992
Available for rematches — EXP and Special Attack Hotspot
Vileplume-M XY
Lv. 61ChlorophyllNone28233 Sp. Atk
Attacks: Petal Dance, Petal Blizzard, Stun Spore, Poison Powder
Golduck XY
GolduckWaterLv. 61Cloud NineNone22872 Sp. Atk
Attacks: Hydro Pump, Psych Up, Amnesia, Wonder Room
Exeggutor-Kanto XY
Kanto Form
Lv. 62ChlorophyllNone28232 Sp. Atk
Attacks: Leaf Storm, Wood Hammer, Psyshock, Egg Bomb
There was no change to the above matches between any of the updates. All information above only applies to the Normal Adventure Mode.


  • As Mantine's catch rate is around those of Legendary and Mythical Pokémon, it is recommended to stock up on Net Balls bought in Poké Ball Emporium beforehand in order to successfully catch one.
  • Beach Bum Joe is the ideal Trainer for players to train their Pokémon in Special Attack, giving out 7 Sp. Atk Effort Values in total per match.
    • With a sum of 7528 EXP Points for each battle, he also surpasses Punk Guy Nathaniel on Route 14 by 736 EXP Points to be the best EXP hotspot.
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