Event Pokémon are certain Pokémon species which are currently, or were once event-exclusive on Pokémon Brick Bronze. 8 events were held in-game so far, giving 10 Event Pokémon in total, excluding their evolution relatives. Some of them, or in case of Shiny Pokémon — their regular forms, have ceased to be event-only in later updates.

Eevee House

The house where an old man gave out Shiny Eevee and now gives regular Eevee.

This "event" was held for almost a year, from the day Pokémon Brick Bronze Demo opened (24th October, 2015) to when Pokémon Brick Bronze became Free Access (22nd October, 2016), as an award to players who purchased the Paid Access of Pokémon Brick Bronze Demo or Alpha. Players were not automatically given the award though — they must reach Silvent City first. A Lv. 5 Shiny Eevee was given out by an old man in one of the houses there, claiming that he feared the unique colour of this Eevee might cause it to get bullied.

Shiny Pokémon, also known as Pokémon with alternate or rare colouration, are specific Pokémon with different body colour comparing to other Pokémon of its species, whether by very little, or very drastically. In this case, Shiny Eevee is white and grey comparing to its regular form's brown.

PokémonImageObtaining Method Date / Status
Eevee ShinyVIStar
Lv. 5
Eevee-Shiny XY
Talk to the man in the house opposite to a staircase leading to Pokémon Centre in Silvent City. Only for players who purchased Early Access with 25 Robux. 24/10/2015 - 22/10/2016

From 9th March, 2017 onwards, regular Eevee is now given to players with the membership of the official Roblox Pokémon Brick Bronze Group. Once in a Blue Moon, players might get a Shiny Eevee from this.

2015 Christmas Event

Just like the Paid Access Reward, 2015 Christmas Event also featured a Shiny Pokémon. This time it was a Lv. 15 Shiny Snover. It was also a Gift Pokémon similar to the Shiny Eevee, but players must complete a quest to earn it this time. At the end of Route 8, turn left and there is a house with many trees planted outside, only being sold during Christmas Holidays as Christmas Trees. Mr. Claus inside the house sold Hot Chocolate during the event, which was held between 24th to 31st December, 2015, lasting for exactly 1 week. Each cup of Hot Chocolate was sold at 350 dollars and heals 60 HP when used, making it much cheaper than Super Potion, but slightly more expensive than Soda Pop.

In this incident, Mrs. Claus was very worried that she could not sell all the Christmas Trees because the Lumberjacks did not arrive to do their job on time. Possessing a Pokémon with HM Cut, the player volunteered to help and got all the trees cut down in a flash, but that scared an actual Pokémon, which was the Shiny Snover. Mrs. Claus gave it to the player, and he or she discovered that it was holding Abomasite, paving the way to the implementation of Mega Evolution later in game.

PokémonImage Obtaining Method Date / Status
Snover ShinyVIStar
Lv. 15
Snover-M-Shiny XY

Snover-F-Shiny XY
Route 8, outside of a house near the end of this route. Cut down all the trees and talk to the woman. Requires HM Cut. 24-31/12/2015

Snover is now found on Route 15 after more than a year since the event passed, with its Shiny version possible in an extremely slim chance, but Wild Snover never holds Abomasite, meaning that the Mega Stone and by extension, Mega Abomasnow, remains event-only.

In addition, the occurrence of this Shiny Snover is mentioned by a resident in Frostveil City.

Abomasnow ShinyVIStar
Abomasnow-M-Shiny XY

Abomasnow-F-Shiny XY
Evolve Shiny Snover at Lv. 40 or above.
Abomasnow ShinyVIStarKey Stone
Mega Abomasnow
Abomasnow-Mega-Shiny XY
Abomasite DW
The Shiny Snover from this event held Abomasite. After evolution and obtaining the Key Stone, Abomasnow can Mega Evolve in battle.

Manaphy Event


The Manaphy Egg found on Rosecove Beach. Click on it to receive the egg. Requires an open slot in party.

A major change can be observed here where it took a great leap to become truly unique to Pokémon Brick Bronze from any other Pokémon games and involve competition between players. For the first time in this game, a Mythical Pokémon — Manaphy (or specifically its Egg) of the Sea Guardians, is featured in an event. When the Manaphy Event is held, Manaphy Egg had an extremely rare chance of being washed up to the shores by the waves on Rosecove Beach (1/1000, or 0.1% chance). To pick up the Egg, players must have at least an empty slot on their teams. Only 1 player may grab the Egg at a time, so players may have to race for it each time it gets washed ashore. The Egg must be picked up within 10 minutes it is ashore, otherwise, the Egg will be washed away. Once fetched, players can hatch this Egg normally by running around with Manaphy Egg in party. Having a Pokémon with Ability Flame Body or Magma Armour in the team is also recommended to reduce the required hatching time.

Manaphy event first commenced during 7th to 21st May, 2016, and is the only recurring event in-game, being held thrice so far in total. The event was held for the second time from 22nd to 24th October, 2016 to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of Pokémon Brick Bronze, adding Manaphy's cry when the Egg is washed ashore in the process. It had returned for the third time between 19th to 22nd May, 2017, just at the end of Anniversary for the first Manaphy Event, in response to the opening of Golden Poké Ball Arcade which brought Ditto to the game, thus allowing Manaphy to breed for its offspring Phione and complete the duo of Sea Guardians.

PokémonImageLocation Status
Manaphy XY
Manaphy Egg
Rosecove Beach. 1/1000 (0.1%) chance of washing ashore, and remains on the beach for only 10 minutes before being washed away. Requires an empty slot in party. 7-21/5/2016;

The event will be cycled on and off occasionally.

Rainbow Bidoof Lucky Draw

A few Pokémon have received unique colourations in Pokémon Brick Bronze and appeared in some events. Rainbow Bidoof became the first example of Pokémon re-colouration in game. It was given to 1 lucky follower via a raffle draw during each official Pokémon Brick Bronze Twitch broadcast starting from the second streaming held on 16th July, 2016. This is the only event held as a lucky draw in-game so far, and given that official broadcasts were held merely thrice, most recent one being on 14th January, 2017, Rainbow Bidoof is arguably the rarest Pokémon in-game, rivalling Shiny Rayquaza Magikarp in Bob's Magik Pond, Cosmeos Valley. Rainbow Bidoof can evolve, but be warned that it instantly loses its unique colouration once evolution is triggered.

PokémonImageObtaining Method Date
Rainbow Bidoof
Rainbow Bidoof
Only obtained by 1 follower per each official Pokémon Brick Bronze Twitch broadcast via a lucky draw. 16/7/2016

2016 Halloween Event

Another couple of re-coloured Pokémon have been featured, but they were found as Roaming Pokémon unlike Rainbow Bidoof, with scarce encounter rates to begin with, but were still slightly easier to find compared to regular Roaming Pokémon. The first occasion is 2016 Halloween Event from the 10th to 31st October, 2016, where a White Haunter roamed around Roria. Despite being a re-colouration instead of Shiny Pokémon, White Haunter along with its final form Halloween Gengar always have the glittering effect of Shiny Pokémon when sent out for battles.

During the event period, special Pumpkin Balls were sold in the Poké Ball Emporium. They were aesthetic only, as they had the same catch chance as regular pokéballs.

After the event was terminated, a special Mega Evolution of Halloween Gengar has been added. It requires Gengarite H, which was sold from 9th November to 27th December, 2016 in Colosseum Marketplace, attached on Halloween Gengar to activate.

PokémonImageObtaining Method Date
White Haunter
Roamed around all routes in Roria with 1/800 (0.125%) chance at first. The encounter rate was increased to 1/500 (0.2%) a few days before the event terminated. 10-31/10/2016 (White Haunter)
Halloween Gengar
White Gengar
Evolve White Haunter by trading. Same with White Haunter, it has the glittering effect of Shiny Pokémon when sent out, despite being a re-colouration.
GengarKey Stone
Mega Halloween Gengar
Gengarite H DW
Purchase Gengarite H at BP Shop in Colosseum Marketplace and attach it on Halloween Gengar.
9/11-27/12/2016 (Gengarite H)

2016 Christmas Event

In contrast to the previous Christmas Event, the one in 2016 brought Regional Variants into Pokémon Brick Bronze for the first time. In the period from 16th December, 2016 to 3rd January, 2017, player had to approach a lawyer in Anthian Park first. He would request the player to find Santa Claus in order to get him whitelisted for presents. Santa Claus was only found in Brimber City, Rosecove City or on Route 10 overnight, on the rooftop of houses, depending on the Player ID. After revealing how he got penalized due to a reindeer speeding violation and blamed the lawyer for losing and making him pay the fine, Santa Claus would engage in a Full Battle against the player with a full team of Stantler, the last one being a Lv. 70 Stantler with a red nose. Once the player emerged victorious, Santa promised to whitelist the lawyer for the time being.

Return to the lawyer and he allowed players to receive either Alolan Sandshrew or Alolan Vulpix, both at Lv. 20, as a reward. Note that players could choose one only. Afterwards, Stone Shop starts selling Ice Stones, enabling their evolutions to Alolan Sandslash and Ninetales respectively. As of the Version 0.14.4 update which enabled access to a few offshore islands, the event-exclusive status of these 2 evolutionary families is officially lifted, while Stone Shop has also allowed players who did not finish the event to buy Ice Stones.

PokémonImageLocation Date / Status
Alola Form
Lv. 20
Sandshrew-Alola SM
Anthian Park. Talk to the lawyer, and defeat Santa Claus to get him whitelist the lawyer. Return to that lawyer and pick one of these 2 Pokémon for the reward. Players can only choose 1 of them. 16/12/2016 - 3/1/2017

Both are now available as wild encounters in Frigidia Cavern.

Alola Form
Lv. 20
Vulpix-Alola SM
Alola Form
Sandslash-Alola SM
Ice Stone DW
Buy Ice Stones in Stone Shop, Anthian City - Shopping District. Use them on Alolan Sandshrew and Vulpix respectively. Required completion of this event.
As their base forms are now wild encounters, Ice Stones have also been changed such that all players can buy even if they missed the event.
Alola Form
Ninetales-Alola SM

2017 Valentine's Event

Pikachu-Cosplay ORAS

Cosplay Pikachu's design seems to have inspired this event.

Nearly identical to the 2016 Halloween Event, 2017 Valentine's Event between 10th to 20th February, 2017 introduced 2 forms of a special Pikachu, which was the second limited-time Pokémon to roam around the entire region. Some differences were made though — this special Pikachu, known as Red Heart Pikachu, can neither evolve nor breed, unlike White Haunter which can evolve into its final form with the same method of evolving regular Haunter. Moreover, Red Heart Pikachu is merely the regular form of this special Pikachu, and it contains a Shiny form which is the Purple Heart Pikachu. Both of their sprites seemed to draw inspiration from Cosplay Pikachu, which has a heart-shaped tail as well, in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

PokémonImageObtaining Method Date
Red Heart
Roamed around all routes in Roria with 1/400 (0.25%) chance. Refuses to evolve and cannot breed. To compensate, its base stats are modified to be slightly stronger than normal Pikachu. 10-20/2/2017
Pikachu ShinyVIStar
Purple Heart
Shiny Valentimes Pikachu
The Shiny form of Red Heart Pikachu. It possesses the alternate colouration of Pikachu as well. Every other aspect is the same as Red Heart Pikachu, except that it was significantly more difficult to encounter, even though it had quadruple the chance of other Pokémon being Shiny. Its encounter rate was 1/409600.

2017 Halloween Event

An entirely different Halloween Event from the previous one, 2017 Halloween Event from 13th to 31st October, 2017 features 2 Pokémon exotic to Roria which are not Roaming Encounters. Both Pokémon only show up at night, so Dusk Balls are the best on them. The first one is an imposter of Pikachu, taking over its wild encounter in Gale Forest overnight. It appears as Pikachu at first, but instantly acts weirdly and reveals that it is actually Mimikyu, making it the first Alola Pokémon to appear as Wild Pokémon on the main island of Roria.

The other Pokémon is the second event-exclusive Mythical Pokémon in this game — Marshadow. It appears on one of many locations overnight. Its appearance is denoted by a large, dark portal which the player gets flipped into a place in alternate dimension called Shadow Void. Run all the way to the end, then stand still for 3 seconds, and a pair of fiery eyes will appear on the ground just behind the player. Click on it, and Marshadow will arise from the shadow for battle. Be warned that player only has 1 chance to fight Marshadow, so save beforehand and turn off Autosave.

PokémonImageLocation Date
Disguised Form
Mimikyu-Disguised SM
Gale Forest. Takes over Pikachu's Wild Encounter overnight and its encounter rate remains at 3%, which is the same as Pikachu. When encountered, it first appears as Pikachu, but immediately acts strangely, blowing its cover. 13-31/10/2017
Busted Form
Mimikyu-Busted SM
If Mimikyu is hit by an attack, its disguise serves as a decoy and blocks it. However, this shuts down its Signature Ability Disguise for the remainder of battle, allowing players to finally damage Mimikyu for real.
Marshadow SM
Warning: Players can only battle this Pokémon once! Save beforehand and turn off Autosave.
Shadow Void. Overnight only. The portal appears randomly on Lagoona Lake, Routes 9 to 12 and 15, as well as Cosmeos Valley each sunset. Once stepped on the portal, it flips the screen and sends player into Shadow Void. Walk all the way to the end, stand still for 3 seconds and click on the fiery eyes that show up behind the player. Marshadow will then rise from the ground and the fight begins.


  • The Shiny Snover in 2015 Christmas Event apparently got on the news and is mentioned by a resident in Frostveil City. However, he misremembered and said Route 7 instead of Route 8.
  • Despite the heart-shaped tail, which indicates a female Pikachu (in fact Cosplay Pikachu is female-only), Red and Purple Heart Pikachu are actually possible to be male. Their gender ratio is no different from regular Pikachu, which is 50/50.