Frigidia Island is one of the outlying islands beyond the Roria Town Map. It is a naturally frozen isle with deep snow piled up on the shoreline. The exterior is rather unremarkable, but the icy hill on this island — Frigidia Cavern, is what makes the island significant. A side quest is needed to be done in Decca Travel Agency, Port Decca before players can get their hands on Frigid Ticket and travel to this isle.

The environment on Frigidia Island is quite similar to Route 15, being snowy, icy and rugged. However, the Wild Pokémon here prefer to stay inside the cave and thus are not found here.

Notable Place

Frigidia Cavern Entrance

The entrance to Frigidia Cavern, as shown in the photo, is a large hole on the base of an icy hill, just in front of where the player gets off the boat. Inside, a large mix of ice, rocks and Wild Pokémon await the player. A certain Legendary Pokémon can also be encountered, but the player is recommended to be extra prepared if he or she wants to catch it.


  • The name of this island is based on the word frigid — an adjective meaning very cold in temperature.
  • Despite being surrounded by the sea, players can neither surf nor fish. This is also the case on Voltridia and Obsidia Islands.
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