Hero's Hoverboards is a developer's chain store in Roria that sells hoverboards, which act as more modern replacements of bicycles from the core series Pokémon games, enabling players to travel significantly faster than walking or running. It is run by one of the main developers Our_Hero. The main store in Anthian City - Shopping District was opened on 9th March, 2017, while a new branch was opened at Port Decca on 23rd June, 2017 that sells different boards from its Anthian counterpart.


To equip a hoverboard when playing on a computer, press R, and then use the WASD keys to manoeuvre. The arrow keys do not work on steering the hoverboard. On the other hand, when playing on a mobile device, tap "Walk/Run" button in the lower right corner to cycle until the player hops on a hoverboard. Players can then steer normally with the virtual pad in lower left corner.

Basic Collection

Basic Hoverboards

The 8 Basic Hoverboards with the shop owner Our_Hero behind the cashier.

8 colours of Basic Hoverboards are on display behind the cashier in both stores. They can be taken and switched for free upon talking to shop owner Our_Hero. They are all plain hoverboards with a single colouration, hence "Basic". Nevertheless, they are still noticeably quicker than sprinting.

Basic Hoverboard Price

Deluxe Collection

More hoverboards with individualized looks are on display further inside the shops. These are the Deluxe Hoverboards and, in addition to their unique designs, they are also slightly speedier than the Basic Boards. Each of them costs 50 Robux, but players can freely switch the purchased Deluxe Boards at will.

Anthian Main Store

Deluxe Hoverboards

The 12 Deluxe Hoverboards costing 50 Robux each.

12 unique hoverboards can be bought here. Originally there were only 8, but Green and Purple Laserboards, as well as Heart Attack and Rainbow Ride, have been added on 15th April, 2017.

Deluxe Hoverboard Price
Left column (Top-down) 50 Robux
NoobWatermelonWinter Storm
Upper row (Left to right)
Rainbow RideSpearDual Blade
Lower row (Left to right)
LavaboardHeart AttackJetstream
Right column (Top-down)
BananaGreen LaserboardPurple Laserboard

Decca Branch

Hero's Hoverboards Decca Branch

The Decca Branch, located in Port Decca.

2nd Deluxe Hero's Hoverboards Catalog

The 9 Deluxe Hoverboards in the Decca Branch costing 50 Robux each.

9 other different Deluxe Hoverboards are on display in Port Decca's counterpart of the store. New hoverboards are shipped here before being transported to the main store.

Deluxe Hoverboard Price
Upper row (Left to right) 50 Robux
White Fidget SpinnerBlack Fidget Spinner Yellow Fidget SpinnerGreen Fidget Spinner Genesect Board
Lower row (Left to right)
N/ARed Fidget Spinner Pink Fidget SpinnerBlue Fidget Spinner Rotom Board


  • A Hover Park has been added at Lagoona Lake the same time when this shop was opened. Players need to hop over a gap with a hoverboard there in order to fetch a certain TM on a flyover.
  • Developer Hoboj03 — the creator for some of the Deluxe Hoverboards, as well as the shop owner of Hobo's Lucky Lotto, stated that the Watermelon Hoverboard was meant to be made just for fun and not to be published in the game in a serious manner. However, the Watermelon Hoverboard made it to the shop anyway.
  • The development team organized a poll on what they would work on next before starting to build Frostveil City. Surprisingly, the addition of Hoverboards beat the other choices, including Tag Battles and Apartments.
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