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Recent Game Updates

  • Version 0.11.4d: Ro-Power for "Increase Shiny Rate" is on a half-price discount for 3 days. (3/31/2017)
  • Version 0.11.4c: More bug fixes to PVP Tag Battles. (3/26/2017)
  • Version 0.11.4b: Glitch of Rivals Jake and Tess drawing out player's Pokémon after the defeat of their first Pokémon has been fixed. (3/25/2017)
  • Version 0.11.4a: Bug fixes to prevent the game from crashing during PVP Tag Battles. (3/25/2017)
  • Version 0.11.4: Tag Battles are now available in Battle Colosseum. New items and TMs have also been added in the BP Shop. (3/25/2017)
  • Version 0.11.3: Players can now rename or change the wallpaper of their PC Boxes. They can also release all Pokémon in a PC box at once. (3/11/2017)
  • Version 0.11.2: The shop Hero's Hoverboards is now open in Anthian City - Shopping District. More Roblox Badges have been added for acquiring certain amounts of Pokédex entries. A normal Eevee is now available in Silvent City for players in the official Roblox PBB Group. A new hoverboard park has been opened at Lagoona Lake. (3/9/2017)
  • Version 0.11.1d: Minor bug fixes. (3/6/2017)
  • Version 0.11.1c: Bug of breaking the path to Colosseum Marketplace has been fixed. (3/5/2017)
  • Version 0.11.1b: The Tree of Life on Route 9 has withered. Bug fixes preventing Double Battles in Battle Colosseum from crashing have been applied. (3/4/2017)
  • Version 0.11.1a: The selling price of many Ro-Powers have drastically increased. (3/3/2017)
  • Version 0.11.1: Poké Ball Stamp Shop is now open in Fluoruma City. A new game pass enabling 3 stamps per Poké Ball has been introduced. (3/3/2017)
  • Version 0.11h: Glitch of crashing after using an item in battles has been solved. (3/1/2017)
  • Version 0.11g: Bug of not being able to rename on the Trainer Card has been fixed. (3/1/2017)
  • Version 0.11f: Problem of being stuck in loading screen has been fixed. (3/1/2017)
  • Version 0.11e: Level cap has been raised from Lv. 70 to Lv. 75. (2/26/2017)
  • Version 0.11d: Metagrossite has been added in Stone Shop, Anthian City - Shopping District. (2/26/2017)
  • Version 0.11c: Bug of Harvest Badge not being awarded has been fixed. (2/26/2017)
  • Version 0.11b: Cragonos Sanctuary and Chamber of the Jewel have been opened. (2/25/2017)
  • Version 0.11a: Route 14 and Igneus Depths have been opened. (2/25/2017)
  • Version 0.11: Route 13 and Fluoruma City have been opened. (2/25/2017)
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