These are the PBB Wikia Guidelines. These rules must be followed, and violating these guidelines could lead you up to consequences that depend on which rule you break, and the severity of your offence. Please at least read the text in bold before editing or creating any pages. These guidelines do not apply to forum posts, blog posts or chat messages unless it was otherwise specified.

General Editing Guidelines

Do not vandalize! Vandalism is the act of creating a mess on the wiki, usually with inappropriate content. Clearing a page, inserting off-topic or obviously false information, distorting and spamming on an article, as well as renaming an article into gibberish titles, are some of the many actions that are considered malicious. Vandalism will only get you in trouble, usually by being banned. If vandalism persists or edit wars have commenced, pages will be locked temporarily.

No inappropriate content! This includes content not only on pages, but on blog posts, forum posts, photos and the chat. Foul language, vulgar words and adult content are strictly prohibited. Profanity is also considered as inappropriate content. Please make this wiki clean for everyone!

Use proper grammar and spelling. Canadian / British / Australian spelling is preferred, though some codes might require American spelling to work properly, most notably <font color=" "></font> and align="center". Now, this can be let go of if the mistake is minor or by accident, but if you see any mistakes that you recognize, please correct them. If you are not sure you have used correct spelling or grammar, check by using online tools. Also, make sure to proofread before publishing any edits.

Vary the vocabulary you are using. When writing, try to vary the vocabulary and length of sentences. It makes things sound more interesting. However, if you are not certain how a word or a phrase should be used, please check it up on a dictionary before adding it, and if you are still unsure, please avoid using the vocabulary.

Use punctuation and capitalization. Proper punctuation and capitalization are important for helping people understand what you are trying to share. Make sure you capitalize every starting letter of a starting word of a sentence, and not forget about commas and periods. This is excusable if it is a caption of an image.

Third person words. Always use third person words like "player". Avoid using words like "you", "your", "me", "I" and other first or second person words. Remember to use "the player" or "players" if you are describing an action someone does.

Centre images if they are in a table. It is preferred to have photos inside tables centred to make the tables tidy.

Use the templates provided. There are templates provided, like Template:MainTemplate:Info Route, Template:Info Town and City. You will have to edit things yourself, so check the sources of other pages for reference.

Rules for Creating Pages

Add a page only when it is necessary! Only currently existing locations, notable teams or characters, items, types and tools like the RTD, should have separate articles in the main namespace. At least a section of the article must be unique to Pokémon Brick Bronze. Otherwise, do not create a page.

  • Pages for future locations are not allowed. Only currently accessible places can have their own main namespace articles. Please be patient and wait until the locations actually open — any speculations should go to user blogs or the forum.
  • Standalone articles for each Pokémon species are also not allowed for now because the contents inside can hardly be unique to Pokémon Brick Bronze other than the encountering method or location. Refer to Bulbapedia, or Pokémon Database for details of Pokémon species. Smogon University is also a valuable online source for Pokémon battle strategies.
    • Some groups of Pokémon can be given exception and have their group articles, depending on their uniqueness and to what kind of extent that their encounter methods are PBB-only. However, this will require permission from the Bureaucrats, Administrators and Content Moderators once they have a consensus.
  • If you want to create a guide, use the blog post feature. All users have their own user blogs accessible from their user page.
  • If you would like to ask for suggestions of your team, please proceed to the forum's Pokémon Help board.
  • If you wish to create a trade request, head over to Traders' Board on the forum.

No plagiarism! Basically, do not copy information from other websites or Wikis word by word! Original work is always better and besides, people could just go to those web pages if they wanted the copied information. Please include information that relates to the game more.

Categorize pages. Pages should be categorized in their correct category. However, do not add in categories that do not exist. Check the category to see what pages are in it before adding a page to a category.

Check other pages for reference. This helps a lot if you are new. It is recommended to check other pages to see how they are laid out before creating a page.

  • Try to at least have a skeleton when creating pages, for example, have most of them required sections prepared.
  • It is allowed if the images or rarity information cannot be filled out until later on, but if the article only has a few sentences, it risks being discarded.
  • Writing "work in progress" or "please help out" in the body of articles is not allowed. Keep those to comments or edit summary.

Make the title being mentioned bold. If the title of a page is being mentioned for the first time, make it bold. Here is an example: "'''Mitis Town''' is the town where players begin their Pokémon adventure." This will make Mitis Town bold.

Extra Guidelines

  • Use é (alt+0233 on Windows and alt+e then e on Mac) when using Pokémon, Poké Ball, Flabébé or café.
    • When creating articles with the title containing "é", please also create a redirect link, so that it will be easier to search. For example, the page Poké Ball Emporium requires a redirect link of Poke Ball Emporium.
  • Add {{Spoiler}} for sections or articles containing any events vital to the plot.
    • Use "This page / section contains spoilers!" in the first parameter.
    • Use "This page / section contains major spoilers!" instead if there is a critical revelation or plot twist. All character articles will require this warning on top of the pages. This will also necessitate hiding the whole section with the following code: <div class="toccolours mw-collapsible mw-collapsed"><div class="mw-collapsible-content">, with </div></div> attached at the end of the section.
  • Use [[ ]] to create internal links for connecting to other pages on this Wiki. Repeated links in a page is not allowed for most of the time, unless in case of very long pages or tables, where each link can appear once per section.
    • Bulbapedia provides more detailed information in many aspects of Pokémon. To connect a page on Bulbapedia, you can use the template {{Bulbapedia}}, for example: {{Bulbapedia|Pikachu|Pokémon}} will connect to Pikachu's page on Bulbapedia. Refer to the template documentation for details.
  • All dialogues in character articles are required to be in italics and quoted with double quotation marks, such as: ''"Tess ...... please forgive me."'' This will show the quote like: "Tess ...... please forgive me."
    • Hide them with the afore-mentioned codes for folding spoiler contents.
  • All mentions of the official Pokémon games and other Roblox games in the main namespace articles are also required to be marked in italics, no matter if the games belong in core series or side series. For example: the code ''Pokémon Sun and Moon'' will display Pokémon Sun and Moon.
  • Use "(Type name)-type Pokémon" instead of "(Type name)-types" when referring to a type of Pokémon, for example: "Fire-type Pokémon" instead of "Fire-types". Use "The (Type name) Type" when referring to the type rather than groups of Pokémon, such as "introduction of the Dark Type".
  • Use "Legendary Pokémon" and "Mythical Pokémon" instead of "legendaries" or "mythicals" when referring to any of those.
    • Try not to spoil the exact Legendary or Mythical Pokémon if they are not in-game yet.

Discussion Rules

The following rules are enforced in blog posts, article comments and the forum.

  • No foul language or vulgar words.
  • No inappropriate content, specifically adult content.
  • Keep the replies on-topic. No spamming.
  • No scamming. Transactions in Robux are also forbidden according to the Trading Rules.
  • Do not advertise a blog, trading request and such on article comments or other users' blog posts.
  • For article comments only: Do not spam images. Only use photos if words cannot get the message across.

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