Roria is the region where events of Pokémon Brick Bronze commences. It is entirely fictional — it is not based on any real-world location or any existing regions in core series Pokémon games.


Roria is made up of 2 islands. The main island, which shapes like an inverted L, houses most of the towns and cities. A mountain range known as Mt. Cragonos stretches across northern Roria, apparently blocking any humid south-west monsoon or maritime airstream passing through and making northwestern Roria a vast desert. The east coastline of western and southern Roria is bordered off by inaccessible hills which seem to be a ridge extending southward from Mt. Cragonos. That coastline, along with the south shoreline of northeastern Roria, forms into a large bay.

A rugged savannah takes up more than half of southern Roria. Separated from the savannah by a river associated with Lagoona Lake, western Roria mostly consists of plains and forests. The climate is quite mild such that most of the region is not frequently affected by adverse weather. In fact, only Route 11 has a non-stop sandstorm, and no routes rain constantly. Route 15 and Frostveil City are always snowy, but the snow is not severe enough to affect battles.

On the other hand, the small island to the southeast is Crescent Island. It is currently known that the island contains Roria's Final Gym and it is hinted that the Team Eclipse Headquarters is located there. In addition, how the island formed into a shape of a crescent moon is also currently a mystery. More outlying islands are located beyond the Roria Town Map as well.


This section contains spoilers!

There are currently 17 known routes, 4 revealed towns and 7 explored cities in Roria. Places that are only mentioned in-game but cannot be accessed yet are in italics and have a grey background.

Main Island

Mitis Town The player's and Rival Jake's hometown. The Pokémon Lab is located here as well.
Mitis Town
Route 1 The first route of Roria with Pokémon suitable for beginners to train with.
Route 1
Cheshma Town The town with a Squirtle Fountain. Instructed by Prof. Cypress to find his friend Linda here, the player gets ambushed instead...
Cheshma Town
Gale Forest A dead-end forest where the player first fights Team Eclipse.
Gale Forest
Route 2 A short route trademarked with a bridge and the first Rock Climb slope in Roria.
Route 2
Route 3 Affected by a magnetic field, this route is home for Electric-type Pokémon and also the place to evolve certain Pokémon species.
Route 3
Silvent City The 1st Gym City where Eevee is given out. Something is wrong with the Pokémon Centre PC there...
Silvent City
Route 4 A short route where the player cannot proceed without getting the Arc Badge and HM1 Cut.
Route 4
Route 5 A long savannah route where the player gets Running Shoes and battles Rival Jake for the second time.
Route 5
Glistening Grotto A cave filled with shining crystals. Only accessible with Rock Smash.
Glistening Grotto
Old Graveyard A place where players can catch some Ghost-type Pokémon that appear here overnight.
Old Graveyard
Brimber City The 2nd Gym City in front of a volcano. Also where the Happiness Checker lives in.
Brimber City
Route 6 A savannah route connecting to the volcano with some strange rocks and Durant nests.
Route 6
Calcite Chamber One of the 3 Chambers unlocked after completing puzzles in Frostveil Catacombs. Legendary Pokémon Regirock awaits the player here.
Calcite Chamber
Mt. Igneus The volcano where Groudon rests. The first real showdown against Team Eclipse takes place here.
Mt. Igneus
Igneus Depths The deeper part of Mt. Igneus. Another Legendary Pokémon related to volcanoes shows up here.
Igneus Depths
Steam Chamber A secret basement underneath a giant rock in Brimber City. The final Mythical Pokémon related to volcanoes resides in here.
Steam Chamber
Route 7 A riverside route where Lumberjacks slack off and let their Bidoof build a dam. Inaccessible without the Brimstone Badge.
Route 7
Path of Truth A few Dragon-type Pokémon inhabit this long cave. What could the Black and White Pedestal imply?
Path of Truth
Lagoona Lake A lake with settlements ashore. The Pokémon Day Care and a research lab for underwater mining are built here.
Lagoona Lake
Lagoona Trenches The bottom of Lagoona Lake where players can find rare fossils and stones. Accessible via the UMV Submarine in Lagoona Lab.
Lagoona Trenches
Route 8 The route where the player has his or her very first Double Battles alongside Rival Jake.
Route 8
Rosecove Beach The home of Rival Tess. It is also where Kyogre is summoned and where Manaphy Eggs wash ashore. A Battle Pier is constructed here for training.
Rosecove Beach
Rosecove City The 3rd Gym City and the scenic spot for sunsets. Cypress approaches the player after a long absence, but he talks like he has absolutely no idea who Linda is...
Rosecove City
Silver Cove A secret cave to the north of Rosecove with a huge waterfall arc. A certain Legendary Pokémon is rumoured to emerge from the great waterfall once player brings 2 certain Key Items here.
Silver Cove
Route 9 The roundabout forest where the player first fights Rival Tess. Requires the Float Badge to access.
Route 9
Grove of Dreams The place where the Mythical Pokémon Jirachi appears overnight. The Elemental Monkeys are found here as well.
Grove of Dreams
Martensite Chamber One of the 3 Chambers unlocked after completing puzzles in Frostveil Catacombs. Legendary Pokémon Registeel awaits the player here.
Martensite Chamber
Fortulose Manor The haunted mansion where the player bumps into many Ghost-type Pokémon, including the mischievous Rotom.
Fortulose Manor
Route 10 A straightforward route where the Disaster Pokémon Absol is waiting for the player. Drifloon can also be found inside the windmill every Friday.
Route 10
Mt. Cragonos A wide mountain range that stretches across northern Roria. The Western section is divided into the following 4 parts and bypassed by the Sky Train. Eastern section is divided into Routes 13-16, with Fluoruma and Frostveil Cities inclusive.
Mt. Cragonos
Cragonos Mines The complex interior of western Mt. Cragonos, going spiral upwards. No longer operational, this place remains as a training ground. Many Rock-type Pokémon live here as well.
Cragonos Mines
Cragonos Spring A rocky ravine with a glowing body of water only accessible after the player obtains HM3 Surf. Players can encounter Lapras here every Monday of the week.
Cragonos Spring
Cragonos Cliffs The western mountainside and checkpoint of Mt. Cragonos, splitting the Mines into upper and lower sections.
Cragonos Cliffs
Cragonos Peak The summit of western Mt. Cragonos above the clouds. Airship to Anthian City docks here and the Sky Train has a station for changing to the airship.
Cragonos Peak
Cragonos Sanctuary It is rumoured that if anything disastrous is about to happen for Roria, the Legendary Beasts will rush down the mountains...
Cragonos Sanctuary
Anthian City The enormous, flying capital of Roria. Supported by a power core, this city floats high in the sky. It is split into the following 4 districts, in addition to a sewer beneath.
Anthian City
Anthian City - Housing District Where the player along with Rivals Jake and Tess land after taking the airship. There are 3 apartments and a Pokémon museum. The dumpster attracts Trubbish every Tuesday.
Anthian City - Housing District
Anthian City - Shopping District The town centre of Anthian City connecting to all other districts. Many shops open here, selling a large variety of items.
Anthian City - Shopping District
Anthian City - Battle District The 4th Gym City where the gym doubles as an airport. The Battle Frontier is under construction here.
Anthian City - Battle District
Anthian Park The Park District of Anthian City where players first fight the Eclipse Boss. A power station is here for changing Rotom's form.
Anthian Park
Anthian Sewer A hidden passage under Anthian City, as well as where the power core is located.
Anthian Sewer
Route 11 A vast desert route past Mt. Cragonos, at the northwestern tip of Roria. There is a mysterious tomb on this route. Inaccessible without the Soaring Badge and the Sky Train Pass.
Route 11
Desert Catacombs A tomb only accessible with HM6 Rock Smash, it contains the history of Roria written in Unown text.
Desert Catacombs
Aredia City The 5th Gym City and former capital of Roria, located in the northern desert.
Aredia City
Old Aredia Previously the most prosperous and busiest part of Aredia City, it is now left in ruins...
Old Aredia
Aredia Ruins The Ruined Castle of Aredia City, filled with a lot of mysteries. The Ancient King left a puzzle leading to an ambush of his dead body...
Aredia Ruins
Route 12 A rugged route leading to eastern Mt. Cragonos, where the player cannot proceed to without Crater Badge. A farm can be found here despite the landscape.
Route 12
Nature's Den Where the player first runs into Forces of Nature.
Nature's Den
Route 13 A cavern route located at the northern end of Mt. Cragonos. Plants glow bright colours because of the minerals within the stone walls.
Route 13
Chamber of the Jewel A secret chamber inside Route 13. Mythical Pokémon Diancie is waiting for the player here.
Chamber of the Jewel
Fluoruma City The 6th Gym City. It is the only city built inside a cavern and has a lot of glowing mushrooms.
Fluoruma City
Route 14 The remnants of a city after being destroyed by a certain crystal Pokémon. A long lost old friend also waits here...
Route 14
Titans' Throng Only accessible after 3 of the Legendary Titans are captured, "The Titan" Regigigas wakes up and breaks open from its statue... but will it fight the player right there though?
Titans' Throng
Route 15 A cold, icy and steep route above eastern Mt. Cragonos Range.
Route 15
Dendrite Chamber One of the 3 Chambers unlocked after completing puzzles in Frostveil Catacombs. Legendary Pokémon Regice awaits the player here.
Dendrite Chamber
Frostveil City 7th Gym City on the highest point of Roria — even higher than the flying Anthian City.
Frostveil City
Frostveil Catacombs A cave under the cliffs of Frostveil City. It contains puzzles for unlocking certain chambers around Roria.
Frostveil Catacombs
Route 16 A downhill road on the southeastern mountainside of Mt. Cragonos where people ski and manoeuvre with hoverboards. Contrast Badge is required to access this route.
Route 16
Freezing Fissure The dark, frozen and abandoned mine on Route 16. The abyss deep within seems to hide some secrets...
Freezing Fissure
Cosmeos Valley The valley features crossroads that connect Route 16 with Port Decca, Tinbell Tower and the Roria Victory Road. Frequent meteor showers happen overnight, with a few large and mysterious meteorites crashing to the ground.
Cosmeos Valley
Cosmeos Observatory A space observatory founded in response to the constant astrological events in Cosmeos Valley.
Cosmeos Observatory
Tinbell Construction Site The ground where Tinbell Tower is being built.
Tinbell Construction Site
Tinbell Tower A luxurious hotel under construction. Many Fighting-type Pokémon work along with the Workers inside. A certain old friend waits for the player on top.
Tinbell Tower
Port Decca The ferry pier and container terminal of Roria. A cruise ship leads the player to many outlying islands, except Crescent Island...
Port Decca
Decca Beach The beach of Port Decca, connecting to Route 17.
Secret Lab A hidden basement accessible through the Port Decca shipyard where top secret experiments were in progress.
Secret Lab
Route 17 The water route in Roria, leading to Crescent Island.

Outlying Islands

Lost Islands Many Alolan Pokémon live on these islands, while there are also Z-Crystals for players to pick up. There is a site of a shipwreck, which may possibly break the heart of a certain Rival...
Lost Islands
Lost Islands - Deep Jungle Exploring deeper on Lost Islands, more Alolan Pokémon and Z-Crystals can be found in this jungle, but gates marked with Unown language have blocked a couple of chambers.
Lost Islands - Deep Jungle
Voltridia Island An island with black clouds looming over. A storm appears to be forming above.
Voltridia Island
Voltridia Cavern The cave on Voltridia Island with many golden crystals inside. Legendary Pokémon Zapdos rests on the highest point.
Voltridia Cavern
Frigidia Island A naturally frozen island with deep snow piled up on the shoreline.
Frigidia Island
Frigidia Cavern Frigidia Island's frozen cave. Legendary Pokémon Articuno is found after ascending an icy slope.
Frigidia Cavern
Obsidia Island A volcanic island which emits smoke constantly from the summit crater. Despite that, the base is beach-like with many trees growing.
Obsidia Island
Obsidia Cavern A seemingly active volcano on Obsidia Island. Legendary Pokémon Moltres waits for the player's approach on the topmost platform.
Obsidia Cavern
Crescent Island Where Hoopa's Tomb and Team Eclipse HQ are rumoured to be.

Roria League

  • VS Leader Chad
  • VS Leader Sebastian
  • VS Leader Quentin
  • VS Leader Stephen
  • VS Prince Ryan
  • VS Leader Fissy
  • VS Leader Zeek

The Pokémon League in Roria follows the setting for most of the core series games, where the player must clear 8 Gyms before challenging. Currently, 7 Gyms are open, while the Roria League is located to the west of Cosmeos Valley. Identities of the Elite Four and Champion, though, remain in mystery.


Players must defeat the following Gyms to advance the plot and become qualified to challenge the Roria League. Each Gym Badge increases the maximum level where Pokémon traded in, known as "Outsider Pokémon", will obey the player by 10, and some of these Badges unlocks certain HM field functions as well.

Gym NameGym LeaderSpecialized TypeGym BadgeOutsider Pokémon ObedienceUnlocked Field Usage
Silvent Gym Chad Electric
Arc Badge

Arc Badge

Up to Lv. 30 HM1 Cut
Brimber Gym Sebastian Fire
Brimstone Badge

Brimstone Badge

Up to Lv. 40 N/A
Rosecove Gym Quentin Water
Float Badge

Float Badge

Up to Lv. 50 N/A
Anthian Gym Stephen Flying
Soaring Badge

Soaring Badge

Up to Lv. 60 HM2 Fly
Aredia Gym Prince Ryan Ground
Crater Badge

Crater Badge

Up to Lv. 70 HM6 Rock Smash
Fluoruma Gym Fissy Grass
Harvest Badge

Harvest Badge

Up to Lv. 80 HM8 Rock Climb
Frostveil Gym Zeek Dark
Contrast Badge

Contrast Badge

Up to Lv. 90 HM3 Surf


Although Roria does not have its own regional specific Pokémon, it provides an extremely diverse selection of Pokémon species, ranging Pokémon from 7 other regions. There are more than 660 Pokémon species available in the region as of now. There are no regional Starter Pokémon which are for Roria only — all 21 Starter Pokémon families introduced in the core series games can be chosen here, but not encountered in the wild. There is also no "Roria Pokédex": the Pokédex given to the player is already in National mode.

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