Route 10 — a route trademarked with windmills that connects to Route 9 and Cragonos Mines, as well as Route 11 and Cragonos Peak via the Sky Train. A picturesque view of aromatic flowers and trees can be seen. There is also a flower garden and a honey tree located on this route.

Notable Places


Right after the player enters Route 10, there is a flower garden to the left, with a huge tree with beehives in the middle. The player can encounter Pokémon in the flower bushes or by slathering honey on the tree.

After the player slathers honey on the tree, Pokémon may get attracted to the presence of honey and head towards the tree. Whenever a Pokémon is available for an encounter, there will be different indications on that tree, and players can click it to initiate the fight. For example, if a Teddiursa is available, it will be shown climbing the tree for honey, but if a Combee is waiting, there will be some small bees flying around instead. Note that only female Combee can evolve into Vespiquen, and while Combee is commonly found, female Combee is quite rare on the gender ratio.

The Combee Keeper is presumably the owner of this garden, and he gathers lots of honey from the local Combees. The player may collect a jar of honey from the Combee Keeper once per day, so as to encounter Pokémon on the honey tree.



Drifloon inside the windmill on Friday.

As shown in the image, there is a large windmill to the left of Cragonos Mines entrance. Inside the windmill, there seem to be only a few wooden barrels and a raised platform. The man inside a house in front of that windmill, also shown in the image, mentioned that he feels an eerie presence time to time.

It turns out that every Friday, a Drifloon will appear inside the windmill. This is identical to how Drifloon appears at Valley Windworks, Sinnoh in the core series games Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.

Sky Train Station


The Sky Train: Route 10 Terminus.

At the end of this route near Cragonos Mines entrance on the right, there is a sky train terminus. The Sky Train bypasses Mt. Cragonos and leads the passengers directly to Cragonos Peak, for changing to the airship towards Anthian City. Afterwards, the Sky Train proceeds to Route 11 on the other side of this mountain. To board the Sky Train, players must have a Sky Train Pass, which will not be acquired until they finished the plot in Anthian City, so they must first go through Cragonos Mines on foot to reach the flying capital.

Notable Event

This section contains spoilers!

Encountering Absol

Absol Img

Absol with an Absolite on its neck — possibly forewarning the player about an impending disaster about to strike.

As the player walks along this route, an Absol with its Mega Stone on its neck will appear and jump down from a small cliff. Absol then slowly and cautiously approaches the player. Instantaneously, Rivals Jake and Tess catch up with the player and arrive at the scene, accidentally scaring it off and causing it to flee from the scene.

In the conversation of Jake, Tess and the player, it is noted that Absol is infamously named as the Disaster Pokémon. Jake states a legend that wherever an Absol goes, a calamity will surely follow; it appears to warn anyone who is bound to be in danger, possibly presaging a catastrophe...


Note: Rarity levels are estimations according to this scale and might be subject to changes due to different encounter assessment results, unless supported by official encounter rates, which are listed in red under the rarity level if known. If there are any Pokémon with low catch rates, the possibility to flee or requirement of gaining happiness to evolve, recommended Poké Balls for that Pokémon will be shown with the corresponding bag sprite under the Pokémon's name.

Pokémon Type Image Rarity Items EV Yield
Grass Patches Tall Grass Lv. 20-23
Hoppip XY
CommonNone1 Sp. Def
Spoink XY
CommonNone1 Sp. Def
Growlithe XY
UncommonNone1 Atk
Pawniard XY
UncommonNone1 Atk
Quick Ball
Chimecho XY
RareCleanse Tag1 Sp. Atk
1 Sp. Def
Helioptile XY
RareNone1 Speed
Net Ball
Scyther-M XY
Scyther-F XY
Very Rare
None2 Atk
Garden Flowers Lv. 20-23
Hoppip XY
CommonNone1 Sp. Def
Spoink XY
CommonNone1 Sp. Def
Petilil XY
UncommonAbsorb Bulb1 Sp. Atk
Floette Fairy
Floette-Red XY

Red Flower

Floette-Orange XY

Orange Flower

Rare 2 Sp. Def
Floette-Yellow XY

Yellow Flower

Floette-White XY

White Flower

Very Rare
Blue Flower
Floette-Blue XY
Very Rare
None2 Sp. Def
Trees Honey Honey Tree Lv. 19-23
Combee-M XY
Combee-F XY
CommonHoney1 Speed
Teddiursa XY
UncommonNone1 Atk
Special Windmill Lv. 22-25
Drifloon XY
Every FridayNone1 HP
Click on the Pokémon names to check their learnsets on Bulbapedia. All Pokémon above have been updated to follow their movesets in Pokémon Sun and Moon. Hover on the item sprites to check the exact chance of being held by the Wild Pokémon.

Roaming Pokémon are not listed in the table above. They are fixed at Lv. 40 and have a 0.1% chance of appearing anywhere in Roria with wild encounter methods specified here.


Trainer Pokémon Type Level Image EXP EV Yield Reward
Black Belt Mikey
Poké BallPoké BallPoké BallPoké Ball
Meditite ×3Fighting
Lv. 32
Meditite-M XY
384 ×31 Speed each$1536
MachokeFightingLv. 33
Machoke XY
10042 Atk
Schoolboy Scotty
Poké BallPoké BallPoké BallPoké BallPoké Ball
TeddiursaNormalLv. 31
Teddiursa XY
4381 Atk
Spoink ×3PsychicLv. 32
Spoink XY
452 ×31 Sp. Def
Red Flower
FairyLv. 32
Flabébé-Red XY
4181 Sp. Def
Gentleman Roger
Poké BallPoké BallPoké BallPoké Ball
Growlithe ×3FireLv. 32
Growlithe XY
480 ×31 Atk
ChimechoPsychicLv. 33
Chimecho XY
10531 Sp. Atk
1 Sp. Def
There was no change to the above matches between any of the updates.


State Item Obtaining Location
HoneyTalk to Combee Keeper in the garden to receive. Collectable once per day.
Item Ball
Luxury Ball
Luxury BallTop-right corner of tall grass at the dead end after battling Schoolboy Scotty.
Item Ball
Max Repel
Max RepelInside the green tent near the campfire with two people.
Dowsing Machine
Rare Candy
Rare CandyWalk near the tip on the rooftop of the house in front of the windmill. (Hidden)
There was no change to the above items between any of the updates.


  • Before Cragonos Mines were opened, there was a construction worker in front of the cave entrance singing the pop song Blank Space by Taylor Swift.
  • This is currently the only route that has no trainers available for rematch (excluding Routes 4 and 16, where there are no trainers at all).
  • Route 10 is one of the locations for the portal connecting Shadow Void to open overnight during the 2017 Halloween Event.
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