Route 5 is a savannah route that connects Route 4, Old Graveyard, and Brimber City. This is the first route in Roria to feature cracked rocks which require HM6 Rock Smash to break, as there is a cracked rock blocking a set of stairs leading to Glistening Grotto. Near the end of this route, a fork splits the path, with the upper one heading to Old Graveyard and lower one heading to Brimber City. Despite the notable length of this route, no items are found here other than the Running Shoes.

Notable Events

Getting Running Shoes

Shortly after entering the route, Wsly — lead developer of Roblox Deathrun, rushes in and asks the player if he or she likes running or not. Regardless of the answer, the player receives a pair of Running Shoes from him. Wsly then bolts off, but unfortunately gets knocked out by a net trap immediately afterwards, yelling "Not again!" before fainting.

2nd Rival Battle

Before entering the red gate to Brimber City, Rival Jake finally catches up to the player and demands another battle. His Eevee is much stronger, and he has a few more Pokémon in his party, so if the player's team is exhausted, this battle can mean trouble. Thus, it is recommended that the player should stock up on healing items beforehand, or return to Silvent City and heal his or her Pokémon before proceeding to the gate.


Note: Rarity levels are estimations according to this scale and might be subject to changes due to different encounter assessment results.

Pokémon Type Image Rarity Items EV Yield
Grass Patches Long Grass Lv. 8-11
Litleo XY
CommonNone1 Sp. Atk
Blitzle XY
CommonNone1 Speed
Hippopotas-M XY
Hippopotas-F XY
UncommonNone1 Def
Phanpy XY
UncommonNone1 HP
Patrat XY
UncommonNone1 Atk
Girafarig-M XY
Girafarig-F XY
RareNone2 Sp. Atk
Cracked Rocks HM Fighting Rock Smash Lv. 15-20
Dwebble XY
UncommonHard Stone1 Def
Shuckle XY
Berry Juice
1 Def
1 Sp. Def
Click on the Pokémon names to check their learnsets on Bulbapedia. All Pokémon follow their movesets in Pokémon Sun and Moon. Hover on the item sprites to check the exact chance of being held by the Wild Pokémon. All information above only applies to the Normal Adventure Mode.

Roaming Pokémon are not listed in the table above. They are fixed at Lv. 40 and have a 0.1% chance of appearing anywhere in Roria with wild encounter methods specified here.


Note: Trainers marked with a star symbol (*) are available for rematches.

Trainer Pokémon Type Level Image EXP EV Yield Reward
Hiker Stan *
Poké BallPoké Ball
PatratNormalLv. 11
Patrat XY
1201 Atk
Lv. 11
Litleo XY
1741 Sp. Atk
Camper Jason
Poké Ball
NidoranPoisonLv. 13
Nidoran-M XY
1531 Atk

Picnicker Lia
Poké Ball
Lv. 14
Litleo XY
2221 Sp. Atk

Black Belt Brian *
Poké BallPoké BallPoké Ball
Machop ×2FightingLv. 12
Machop XY
156 ×21 Atk
PanchamFightingLv. 12
Pancham XY
1801 Atk
Upper path to Old Graveyard
Bug Catcher Allen *
Poké BallPoké Ball
Lv. 14
Butterfree-M XY
5192 Sp. Atk
1 Sp. Def
Lv. 14
Beedrill XY
5192 Atk
1 Sp. Def
Camper Gordon
Poké BallPoké BallPoké Ball
Cubone ×2GroundLv. 14
Cubone XY
192 ×21 Def
Lv. 13
Marill XY
2452 HP
Lower path to Brimber City
Hiker Kyle
Poké BallPoké BallPoké Ball
Geodude ×2
Kanto Form
Lv. 13
Geodude-Kanto XY
167 ×21 Def
HippopotasGroundLv. 14
Hippopotas-M XY
1981 Def
Rival Jake
Poké BallPoké BallPoké Ball
EeveeNormalLv. 15
Eevee XY
2081 Sp. Def
BlitzleElectricLv. 15
Blitzle XY
1891 Speed
NidoranPoisonLv. 15
Nidoran-M XY
1761 Atk
There was no change to the above matches between any of the updates. All information above only applies to the Normal Adventure Mode.


State Item Obtaining Location
Running Shoes
Running ShoesGiven by Wsly upon entering Route 5.
There was no change to the above items between any of the updates.


  • Prior to Version 1.3, it was Telamon instead of Wsly who gave the player the Running Shoes. Nevertheless, he suffered the same fate: promptly getting knocked out by a random net trap.
  • The giant rock formation that resembles a T is a reference to The Lion King, specifically the rock where Simba is held into the air by Rafiki.
    • Picnicker Lia, who coincidentally possesses a Litleo, mentions that the rock formation reminds her of something, hinting at the reference. However, she ends up misremembering where she had seen it, believing it to be from a Sawsbuck Coffee advertisement.
  • Bug Catcher Allen is a good spot for players who have trouble facing Brimber Gym to quickly train their party. However, after obtaining the Brimstone Badge, it is better to find Hipster Lincoln on Route 7.
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