[Updated as of 6/19/2017.]

[Next Pokemon Emporium update will be on June 26, 2017!]

[Next Item(s) Emporium update will be on June 26, 2017!]

[Recently Added Section(s): TM tutor, Breed a Pokemon with the nature of your choice, and Weekly Giveaway!

[New Section: "Dex Fillers" will be released on June 30th, 2017!]



(Status: In Progress |5 left|)

I will be randomly giving away a heart scale to the people I trade. A total of 5 heart scales will be given out. Which means, 5 people will be getting a heart scale.

Note: This is random, so if you don't get it, there will always be next time. If you ask me to give it to you, you will be disqualified from all the giveaway that is taking place as of now, and the future ones. Also if the status states that it is "In progress", that means the giveaway is still taking place as of this week. If it states "Completed", that means the giveaway has ended for this week, and you will have to wait for the next weekly giveaway which will reset every Sunday at 3:00 P.M EST. 

Next Reset will be on: June 25th, 2017.


Starter Pokemon Emporium:

Ones that are "N/A" are just not bred, I can breed one if necessary.

Special Pokemon Emporium:

Eggs Emporium

[Egg Emporium is currently not done, more will be add on to it as soon as I organize everything on my end!]

Shiny Pokemon Emporium:

Legendary Pokemon Emporium:

Stone Emporium:

Mega Stone Emporium

Misc. Emporium:

Also have a ton of other items, just request to see if I have what you want in stock.

Fossil Emporium:

Breed a Pokemon with the Nature of your Choice (IV not guaranteed!)

Currently Available Natures:


















TM Tutor

I have all the TM's that are available in the game as of right now. You name it, I got it. 

Past/Current Transactions:

Please follow the order from "1-10", if there is a line please wait patiently.
Order Wikia Name In Game Name Scheduled Appointment Progress Trade Completed

Before a trade commences, I must say "Deal!", and we must have a scheduled appointment. Not all pokemon are immediately available, as I will need some time to prepare for them. 

Terms & Conditions (Updated as of 6/18/2017.)

-I am also taking reservations for specific pokemon/items, ONLY if I agree to the deal.

-If you flake out on 3 appointments, your order will be canceled.

-I will only be doing a MAXIMUM of 5 trades/transactions per day.

-Please don't ask me for a wishlist, there are too many pokemon/things that I want. Just know, I am looking for shinies, dex fillers, and legendaries with the right nature. Also I am looking for items like shiny stones, and dusk stones.

-If I have not replied to you within 24 hours, that means that I've might of missed it. Please reply again, if I did.