Hello! It's time to announce the winners for the Giveaway!

So without more futheridoo, here's our main Champ for this special Giveaway!!

  • Treecko Egg: Onionsarbad, Cvt213, Blackselene01, Fractor123, OmegaCobblestone
  • Torchic Egg: Drwaffles, Starwarsdude137, Kingchompy, Vedsaik123, Beastbozzles123.

Welp, here's the winners! Remember! Get your eggs from my sister!

Here's my sister's IGN: GamerGirlSayHello

THERE ARE STILL 6 PEOPLE WHO HAVEN'T CLAIM THEIR PRIZE FROM THE BAGON, LARVITAR, AND EEVEE GIVEAWAY! Claim them quickly before 21 June or these prizes was stated "No Owners" !!!