Voltridia Island is one of the outlying islands beyond the Roria Town Map. It is a rugged hill with storm clouds surrounding its peak. To come here, the player is required to finish a side quest in Decca Travel Agency, Port Decca before taking the Voltaic Ticket and travelling to this island.

The island resembles Obsidia Island more than anywhere else, considering that the two mountains are the same colour and that the beaches both have black sand. However, their differences cannot be ignored. The peak of this isle is dark and stormy, while the summit of Obsidia Island is similar to that of a volcano. Voltridia Island also appears to be significantly more jagged on the mountainside. The Wild Pokémon of Voltridia remain inside its cavern, which also is home to a certain Legendary Pokémon.

Notable Place

Voltridia Cavern Entrance

The island itself is nothing special — the real deal is the entrance it contains. It is a large hole in the side of the mountain facing Salty Sam. Some species of Electric-type Pokémon can be found inside Voltridia Cavern, mostly seen before, but there are a couple of new faces in the cavern, including an Alola Form of a certain Pokémon. The main reason that players come here, though, is to encounter the Legendary Pokémon that is housed in Voltridia Cavern.


  • The name of this island is based on volts — the derived unit for electric potential difference (voltage) and electromotive force, which was named after the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta.
  • Voltridia Island can be considered as a throwback to Layuda Island, Oblivia in Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs. Both isles are affected by thunderstorms and have the same Legendary Pokémon resting on the peaks.
  • Despite being surrounded by the sea, players can neither surf nor fish. This also happens on Frigidia and Obsidia Islands.
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